Lake County Property Tax Protest

Lake County Property Tax Protest is your best option for protesting your taxes! Most Floridians are currently paying too much for their property taxes. Many property owners simply do not have their properties value reassessed frequently enough. Most properties are not currently assessed at their correct market value. Usually these properties go 2-3 years without being reassessed. The result of this is that property owners end up paying more in taxes then what the should be. Hundreds of thousands of properties in Lake County have not been properly appraised due to a lack of property appraisers to accurately assess them. We are willing to be that it has been awhile since the last time you had your property assessed. Is it's current appraised value in 2013 correct? Don't pay more for your taxes then you should be.

We are experts are reducing property taxes on all types of properties from residential to commercial and industrial. We will determine the current real value of all of your properties and we will provide you with a thorough valuation analysis that will protect you from unfair real property tax valuations. Saving our clients their hard earned money is what we are good at, it's a simple as that. The best part for you is that we don't get paid unless you save, it's that simple.

What is a Property Tax Protest?

A property tax protest is a process that a property owner can go through in order to try and lower the taxes they pay on their properties. If you want the county appraisers office to review your property specifically then you can file and informal protest. The drawback to this strategy if that you may end up risking your ability to file a formal protest before the formal protest deadline in September. They may not give you an adjusted assessment in time. Why take that risk? The other option that a property owner has is to file a formal petition with the VAB (Value Adjustment Board). The formal petition is your best chance to appeal your property taxes to try and get a lower assessed value. When your assessed value changes, the amount that you pay in taxes changes too. Once the petition is filed then you are given a date and time to go before the VAB and protest the taxes that you are currently paying.

At Lake County Property Tax Protest we make the formal protest filing a piece of cake. We will also go before the VAB and represent you on your behalf. There's no need to waste your valuable time fighting city hall and filling out form after form. We will fill out all the necessary paperwork will be filed by us on your behalf and we will get you an accurate value of your property. We are successful at helping people protest their property taxes because it's our knowledge of the law and the local real estate markets that sets us apart. We negotiate for each and every one of our clients and we provide them with an enormous advantage when protesting their taxes. All we need from you is to answer a few easy questions and we will handle the rest!

As statewide property taxes have declined from $31 billion in the year 2007 to $25.8 billion in 2010 and are still on the decline now, there’s a great chance that your property has been assessed at the wrong value. You are probably paying too much for your taxes.

Lake County Property Tax Protest Is Here For You!!

The 2013 dealine for filing a tax protest appeal is September so don't wait! Complete the form below and one of our talented professionals will contact you immediately and help you save money!

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